Monday, July 24, 2006

"Project Osiris" to the Moon...

On July 20th, a well worn NASA ritual date that will resonate with anyone who has followed the work of Richard C. Hoagland and myself, “leaked” the name of NASA’s new Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV). In what should come as no surprise to our readers, that name will be “Project Orion,” and the capsule itself will be an “Orion” capsule.

Orion is the stellar representation of the Egyptian god Osiris, and we have made note of numerous references to both Orion and Osiris in the long history of NASA. What NASA once sought to hide behind the symbolism of the infamous original Apollo mission patch, they now display openly. Such is their confidence that no one in the mainstream press will question either their motives or sincerity around this issue.

Unfortunately, until there is a comprehensive reference detailing NASA’s duplicitous obsession with Orion and Osiris, we can expect that the crowd and the empty suits at CNN will continue to ignore NASA’s bizarre behavior. We can only watch and wait for the official announcement to see if there is any comment on this from the mainstream press.

For more information on the Orion connection at NASA, see

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