Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Face it, You're a Jackass...

Once again, we have a new image of the Face on Mars, and once again we have a series of seemingly coordinated mainstream press attacks designed to convince people there's "nothing to see here."
Besides the usual tripe from the usual suspects (like Space.com's NASA shills Leonard David and Rob Roy Britt), this time we had the testimony of a supposed "converted believer" attacking Richard Hoagland personally on the official MRO website.
The disinformational tripe of David and Britt is bad enough, but when the NASA folks have to drag out a phony "believer" for a personal attack on Richard, you know they are getting desperate. This "believer," Richard Lies (now that's an appropriate name if I've ever seen one) claims he was once an avid listener to Coast to Coast AM but repents the fallacy of his ways and realizes the Face is just a pile of rocks. However, this jackass doesn't stop there. He goes on to call Richard Hoagland a "charlatan" without making one single reference to anything Hoagland has said that was knowingly untrue. He of course worships at the alter of Carl Sagan, without apparently realizing all of the the ways Sagan showed he was a Face supporter.
Taking Mr. Lies at his word, I guess the best thing you can say about the man is that he is an admitted sellout. He credits Hoagland for inspiring him to go into a science career, but I guess you forget all that when the NASA people are paying your mortgage, huh Mr. Lies?
As to the image itself, it shows many things we would have expected (and that Richard predicted) it would. It is also by far the worst MRO image that I have seen (isn't it funny how that always seems to happen only to Cydonia images?) and in my opinion, shows clear signs of image tampering. We will discuss all this in the future, but let's just say for now that the parts of the new image that we suspect are genuine absolutely support Hoagland's specific "honeycomb" model of the Face.
Richard and I will more to say on this in the near future, but for the moment, let's just remember "don't believe the Lies."